Consinee merino wool yarn spun from the best 100% merino wool


As known to all, Australia is the origin of merino wool. Humid climate, wealthy soil, outstanding environment and excellent management breed superior merino wool. And Consinee merino wool yarn is just spinning from this kind of superior merino wool material. The following is the detail information about the merino wool material that Consinee merino wool yarn made up of.


FINENESS 14.5--20.5 MICRON  Fiber fitness, length and white purity are all far better than China mainland produced wool, especially the fitness that all wool yarn purchaser concerned



Wool Tops from 70's to 120's  Never select and use wool top that below 70’s, to ensure all our wool yarn are high quality that Never been surpassed. And Consinee Merino Wool Yarn made from 70’s to 120’s merino wool top in different count can satisfy different demand of different purchasers.



Fine, soft, warm and comfortable  Superior quality and good air permeability bring a wonderful feeling to our human body, that make it all consumer’s preferred choice in Winter