IHI Enviro Corporation Tokyo Japan: IHI Health and Safety Policy

IHI Corporation Health and Safety Policy

Basic Policy

In accordance with our corporate vision "Contributing to the development of society through technology" and "Human Resources is the only and the largest asset of the company". IHI Corporation is committed to establishing a corporate culture that puts safety as the highest priority.

Every officer and employee is expected to realize that they have a responsibility for the Health and Safety activities. This ensures that all employees participate in controlling risk factors and in the promotion and safeguarding of mental and physical well-being throughout all stages of business.

Conduct Guidelines

To achieve the objectives of its basic policy, IHI and companies within the IHI group, shall follow the guidelines below to develop safe and healthy business operations.

1. Comply with all relevant laws and regulations on Health and Safety.

2. Ensure safety of the local society by giving due consideration to the effects of business on the region.

3. Reduce risk exposure at every stage of work in design, procurement, production and construction, to prevent industrial accidents.

4. Improve facilities and production methods to create and maintain a sanitary working environment.

5. Promote facilities and opportunities for employees to maintain and improve their mental and physical health.

6. Set concrete objectives and targets related to Health and Safety, put into action and make assessments of the results with an aim to ensure continual improvement.

7. Promote safety awareness through Health and Safety education at all levels including safety administrators to ensure all employees adhere to the principles of safety first.