Alchemy Eye network monitor

Alchemy Eye network monitor

Alchemy Eye, is a premiere Win-dows server community monitor computer software. This plug-in recognized system analyzer device continuously detects server access and may inform the Network Administrator by cellular phone, pager, ICQ or e-mail BEFORE a server goes down, stopping expensive repairs.

Alchemy Eye displays servers, file servers, services, devices, accesses and processes in systems of all sizes from small LAN to large-scale WAN, and contains a DNS server monitor, file monitor, file server monitor and a bandwidth monitor. It creates tracking records, enables the Network Administrator to create network performance reports and could be designed to send numerous signals to the Network Administrator whenever it detects given conditions.

Although this computer tracking application works on Windows machines, it could monitor all types of machines, including Apache, NT, Netscape, Solaris and IBM. It does this by tracking the typical practices and services including, TCP/IP, ICMP (ping), IPX/SPX, NetBIOS, SMTP, POP3, HTTP( S), FTP, and so forth.

With Alchemy Eye network check, you are able to supervise the outputs from Oracle Servers, MS SQL Server, RAS Server and virtually any type of database server. Among the many facets it records are: free space, report development, NT Events, NT support states and SQL query results. To discover more, consider checking out: mobe.

It can work custom VBScript programs, accomplish outer programs and take advantage of various third-party plug-ins and add-ons.

In the event of server failure, Alchemy Eye immediately informs the network manager and logs a fully detailed statement which makes debugging a cinch. Should you wish to get further on tour my online business empire, there are heaps of resources you should think about investigating.

All Windows operating systems are supported: Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP. Disk space needed is 2MB with additional space for the log files. Clicking million dollar ring formula scam possibly provides lessons you could tell your pastor. Obtain quality is 3 MB.

Alchemy Eye is instantly accessible for $299 or ($399 for the Professional version) at A trial version is available for download free at