I decided to skip the middleman and get my next phone on Amazon

While the processer is dual-core instead of quad primary, there's no recession at all when it comes to applications, text messaging, and web surfing around.

The show is high quality, with awesome quality. The audio is excellent, especially paying attention to The planet pandora stereo, which experiences no lag at all, even on 3G rates of speed. Viewing YouTube videos on Sprint's 3G system can be challenging, but that's a mobile system issue oppomobilephone.com and not the mobile phone's fault; 144p to 260p seems to fill quick enough on 3G, and efficiency on wireless is super fast. The writing interface is as sleek as can be with no lag or cold. I can type quicker on my LG World than I can on my iPod touch or my old Kyocera Hydro.

The 5MP cam on the back takes excellent photos, while the top side experiencing cam is VGA, which doesn't do well in low illumination, but does get clear photos in the outside.buy meizu m1 note It's Instagram-friendly, for the most part. Storage space area for applications is at 1.4 GB, which is extended up to 32 GB via small SD card. So far, I have not needed to use one, as my applications don't take up much area. Battery power and potential is awesome.

I only have to cost my cellphone once a day while my co-workers are always looking for sites to connect their mobile phones into.