5 Tips For Choosing a Dazzling Party Dress

5 Tips For Choosing a Dazzling Party Dress


Finding a genuine, picture perfect party dress for an evening out doesn't have to be difficult. Party dresses are great for evening wear, whether you're attending a formal event or an informal party with friends. This type of ladies dress also works well for a romantic evening getaway. You'll want a dress that fits your figure as well as the occasion, so here are five tips to make shopping a little easier.

1. Know Your Style

Middle School Graduation Dresses differ in style, color and material. Some are tight-fitting while others are long and flowing. Consider how the dress looks with your figure. Do you have long, slender legs or short, heavy legs? Are you short-waisted? Do you want the bust area or hips to be emphasized or barely noticeable? If buying online, be sure to get accurate measurements since you won't be able to try it on before buying.

2. Razzle-Dazzle or Simplistic?

When shopping for a party dress, consider if you want the dress to be flashy or plain in design. Some have sparkling sequence or fancy embroidery. Some are multi-colored while others have only one or two colors. Party dresses might be sleeveless or have large bows and frills on the sleeves.

3. Accessorize

Opt for jewelry, shoes, leggings or hose and a purse or handbag to suit your dress style. Accessories will not only complement your party dress, but can also be used to draw attention to your face or other areas you wish to show off! Choose a necklace, earrings and hairpiece to draw attention to your face and hair. Use a bracelet and rings or an anklet to show off your hands and legs. Make sure every accessory matches or blends well with your dress before buying.

4. Visiting a Local Dress Shop

Browse the selection that's available in your size. Take a friend along so she can let you know how the dress looks when trying it on. Ask for her "honest" opinion! Ask the sales clerk to make dress suggestions for your body shape and size. If shoes are being sold at the dress shop, this is a great opportunity to try on shoes and dress at once.

5. Buying a Party Dress Online

If your town doesn't have a dress shop, consider buying online. With online dress shops, you can choose from many styles, colors and sizes. You can also order multiple dresses for various occasions and possibly save money on shipping costs.

Tips: Order your dress only from a reputable business. Print your receipt and read all terms and conditions....especially the return policy. Make sure a secure payment process is used to order online (such as PayPal) with numerous shipping options. Some online women's clothing stores offer express shipping and global delivery at a low price. Avoid cheap prices if you can't verify the quality of the dress material. You'll want to buy a party dress that not only fits well, but one that is also durable in the material with easy wash and care needs.