Self drilling hollow anchor bolt

self drilling hollow anchor bolt is composed by hollow anchor bar, anchor nut, anchor plate, anchor coupler, drill bit and centralizer.If the bolt length is less than the design depth,we need use the anchor sleeves to connect.There are many kinds of drill bit,such as cross-cut drill bit,tri-crescent drill bit,button drill bit and clay bit.The drill bit allows the bolt to pass through all kinds of rocks.

Our self drilling hollow anchor bolt has a widely application, It is usually used to broken rock,loose soil and conditions which difficult to drill holes,such as fracture zones,decayed rock,gravel ect.Our products has been used to hundreds of famous projects at home and abroad,which witness the products quality.Some of them are Harbin Metro,Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay Tunnel,Nepal Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectric and so on.

In addition,I will tell you someting about the features of  self drilling hollow anchor bolt:Casting free in the operation.Drilling and grouting can be done simultaneously.You will know more about Sinorock self drilling anchor bolt through our site!