Contemporary english

Contemporary english

Today I want to talk about  professor Adi Fejzić and TED -  youtube chanell that he recomended to us.

I want to talk about this for two reasons:
I want to dedicate this post to the best professor we ever had and say huge thanks for all his lessons and his dedication to us students. He will be missed after moving to Kuwait.

The other reason is because I found this page very useful for improvig my english language and also it got me thinking about some important life facts.

Lessons from the Mental Hospital by Glenon Doyle Mellton is one of my favourite talks on TED.
Here is the link ( ).

It is about a lady and her life capes, the ones she put on herself from the age of 8 untill she removed them on the day she found out she was pregnant. It tells realisticly how life is cruel, it also explains why people get addicted to different kind of stuff, alcohol, drugs, food etc.

Hers most striking sayings were:

  • "Curage is to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart."
  • " I did not want to deal with discomfort and messines of being a human being. "
  • " All I ever needed to know I learned in mental hospital. "

This is all for today. I hope some of you will find this interesting and usefull actually.