How To Make High Impact Street Light Banners

How To Make High Impact Street Light Banners

Although Internet advertising brings in a lot of customers for big and small businesses, it is a fact that traditional advertising still reaches a huge fraction of the population, especially those who do not spend so much time online.


One of the ways to reach out to potential customers is through advertisements on street light banners. Road users, whether car owners, taxi and bus passengers, bicycle riders and even pedestrians will be your audience. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of this ad medium.


1. Keep your message short


People on the road do not have much time to focus and read road advertisements. So stay away from using long texts and confusing fonts.


2. Play around with colors and designs


Choose colors and designs that will break the monotony of usual street sights. Avoid colors that look old and faded, because upon exposure to various environmental conditions, your street light banners will start to look worn out.


3. Use them as teasers


Because street advertisements cannot contain long messages, you can use them to arouse intrigue and curiosity in your target consumers. Then, after a week or two, run a radio, TV or Internet advertisement about your product.


4. Street light banners are perfect for seasonal advertisements


Because this type of advertising will be seen by people everyday, it is easy to get used to them that they lose their impact. It is best to use them to promote new products that not not difficult to explain and sales and seasonal offers. After all, these banners will look old after a few months and will need to be replaced.


Careful study should be done on how much advertisements will increase your reach. Also, regardless of the media being used, consider the ages of the people who will see the ad in order to tailor your message.