Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Rumors: Reportedly 10M Android Smartphones Pre-ordered

As rumors continue to fly about when the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date will be, new information suggests the upcoming 2012 Android Smartphone already has a strong following, and a lot of preorders!

A recent article at IBTimes states the new Android handset has around 10 million preorders. If this rumor is true, Android fanatics are certainly not wasting any time staking claim to this new smartphone. The article cites "a respectable source" for the S3 preorder information, but even a "respectable source" can be a letdown.

Of course the big question remains, when will the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date link be? At this time one can only speculate, but unconfirmed dates are pointing to a May launch. So all the Android lovers out there have to be patient, and wait for a confirmed date from either the manufacturer or carrier.

Do you want the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android smartphone? If so, how long are you willing to wait for the device launch? Could this new handset be better than the rumored iPhone 5?

Image via Wikimedia