How To Select A Nursing Thesis Topic?

How To Select A Nursing Thesis Topic?

A dissertation is a comprehensive piece of writing that contains your research objectives, aims, goals, results and discussions. It is what makes you renowned in the research field. It is a communication that must take place in the most effective manner to let the readers know in depth about some topic of your interest. Selecting this topic could be the most difficult phases to deal with.


With an ever evolving field like nursing, it is quite difficult to come up with one nursing dissertation topic when there are a number of topics you can write about and a number of fields within nursing to pursue your career. This decision must be made keeping in view what motivates you as a nurse. Whether you find the ‘patient’ an interesting subject to work on or is it the ‘hospital’ that you want to explore in depth.


Before selecting a topic, study the various categories that compose the widespread field of nursing. There are four main categories


• Pediatric nursing
• Surgical nursing
• Mental health nursing
• Child health nursing


Once you get to know the complexities, the pros and cons of each nursing category, you will be able to make a wiser decision about the area you want to choose and the topic you want to write about. The topic must fall into one of the above categories.