I WILL CONTINUE MOVING WITH MY CONDOM, CHILUFYA TAYALI DECLARES;Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali this morning walked to freedom after Lusaka Magistrate William Banda acquitted him on one count of rape for having unlawful carnal knowledge with Ruth Zulu. And Tayali says his rape case trial had taught him valuable life lessons on how to interact with the opposite sex. Speaking after judgement was passed in a jam packed courtroom, the visibly relieved Tayali says the case appeals to his conscious and moral standing in society. "At persona level, what have learnt is that of course, this case appeals to my moral standing, it does appeal to my moral standing and how do I relate to my female counterparts" Tayali told the dozens of journalist that had swamped around him for an interview. The Zambian Voice Executive further said he had a lot of respect for women and his experience would not transform him into harbouring malice toward the women folk. And Tayali sent people in laughter when he assured condom manufacturers they would not run out of business as long as he was a free man. Asked on how he would not behave on a personal level, Tayali said he would continue moving around with a condom just in case he hit the jack pot as he conducts his day to day business. "And I also still insist that I will never stop moving with my condom, protection is always important" Tayali said as onlookers burst into laughter.