How to order for a gift hamper

The Gift Hampers can be given on different occasions such as wedding and engagement, new parents, thank you, valentine day and birthday. You can choose the gift depending on the type of the gift you want to give such as gift boxes, valentine cards, plant or flower gifts, tray and bags or baskets. You can also decide the gift if you want to give a gift to your boyfriend or girlfriend or if you want to give it to a cheese lover, tea lover or wine lover or someone who has a family.

The Chinese New Year Hamper can also be selected based on the brand or on the price. If you want to send a gift hamper to someone, you have to give order online and you will get an email as confirmation. When your order is processed, you are going to find the information on when the products will be offered. You can also send the order by fax anytime of the day. While giving the order in email, you should give your name, the phone number and your e-mail address. You have to wait for some time to send the order again to avoid duplicating the same order.

You have to know about what will happen if you want to return your CNY hamper. Some companies give you the chance to exchange or to return the order in 28 days from the day that the order has been dispatched. You have to ensure that the hamper has not been damaged; it is in the saleable condition within the original package. If the condition of the product has been damaged, you may fail to get the refund. However, you have a right to a refund if the product you bought is faulty.

Ask the company how the Gift baskets are going to be delivered. The delivery may be made by a transportation company depending on the delivery service or the country where you want it to be delivered. If you are not around, the delivery is going to leave the order for you in the safe place. It may not be visible at the reload and it should not be exposed to the weather. It is important to order beforehand if you want that your Hampers Singapore be delivered on a certain day. If you want a special message to accompany your gift, you can still include it in your order and it will be written on the cards that accompany the gifts.