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A Popular Hoax Related to Movie Download Sites:

As more and more movie lovers look for ways to steer clear of devastating lawsuits, many have been lead like lambs to the slaughter to pay for P2P software that is in fact already free to use.

The most popular hoax out there is Kazaa Gold.

Basically, the Kazaa Gold software is simply the Kazaa Medial Desktop Pro that has been previously downloaded by someone, and then offered to customers for an outlandish price of about $40.

Even though Kazaa is the site most frequently corrupted by deceitful people, there are others like WinMX, which has also been tainted.

You will see that you can pay well over $20 for access to websites that offer "unlimited movie downloads" only to get p2p software such as Limewire, Morpheus, eDonkey2000 and Grokster, which is already free to use.

Sites such as these are sly in displaying "The best movie download source available","80 million movies online" Download Full Movies