A Common Health Problem Of Our Society- Back Pain And Joint Pains

Back pain and joint pains are very common problem now days. There are present in every individual irrespective of their ages. The main cause due to the frequent pains in the people is the life style and the method of sitting habits. Thus getting the solution is quite tough as they are not available in every possible way to get permanent relief from the pains. Many people will suggest many ways for the solution from the pain but every thing is in vain as they will not give you relief from the pains. Thus it is quite tough to suffer the pain.

Reasons behind the back pain and the solutions

Though according to the medical science there are lots of reasons for the back pain. There is a concept that we get taller due to the increase in the disk between the spines and thus it gets larger. In reverse with the age, as the disk space reduces, the height gets shorter. But in turn it produces unbearable pain as the friction between the bones increases. But the most common one is the slowly compression of the disks in the spine by the gravity. The disks at the spine gaps get thinner and dry which slowly increase the friction between two bones of the spine. Hence while you move the bones slides over another and cause the pain. Thus it is a very gradual process of erosion of the sponges in between the spine bones.

 Machine to get the relief from the unbearable pain

EZ stretch NFLEX is a machine which will help you to get relief from the pain without having pressure on the spine. It is a unique way to get rid of the pain by stretching the muscle without pressurizing the spines. Earlier to get relief from the pain, the traction method has been used and thus they get the popular method of treatment. It is a lever based machine and helps to stretch out your muscles by locking your feet in the soft pad attached with the device. It should be laid on the hard surface and the ankle has to be placed in the space provided. The arms are set in the crunch above the head. Then simply stretch the upper lower and mid portion of your back and thus you will get immediate relief from the back pain. Thus it helps to forms a gap which prevents the friction between the two bones. Thus it is quite easier than the other strap type back stretchers and thus you could get instant relief from the pain without any hurdles. Moreover the machine is easily accessible and quite handy. It could be carried anywhere and at anytime.