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Green Cradle Organic and natural Home & Mattress is a unique friendly to the environment and organic green retailer located in Sherman Oaks, California, providing families products that not merely say ORGANIC or NATURAL AND ORGANIC on the labels, but essentially contain no chemicals, no synthetic preservatives, no hazardous dyes, no invisible plastics, no toxic fire retardants, no formaldehyde-leaching pressed woods - nothing unhealthy for you or your environment. Mattress manufacturers such as Spaldin make use of viscose and silica-based supplies such as for example Visil” (viscose is a form of hardwood cellulose acetate that comes from trees), while others employ Kevlar or cotton material treated with non-toxic FR agent”.

So be sure you buy a mattress that will provide you with a healthy and good night's sleep, whilst having a minimum or no negative impact on the surroundings. You may spend half of your life on your mattress & most of them have awful chemical substances that you breathe forever long. If you're eating organic foods and drinking clean normal water, having a toxic-free mattress seems like the next step in a healthy, happy journey. Because it's cheaper, most mattress companies use a very toxic fire retardant, but I don't desire my baby resting on those toxic chemicals!!

I cherished that I was able to visit the Keetsa retail store in Venice to really try out the beds in person - and the salesperson was basically consequently nice and helpful (not at all just like the salesfolks I achieved in other mattress shops).

I found that eco friendly beds in line with the EPA, the foam cushioning on your own old mattress may also contain PBDEs or petrochemicals that out-gas, which is commonly and mistakenly known as off-gassing, can cause long-term indoor quality of air (IAQ) issues and health problems, as this out-gassing continues over time.

Synthetic latex originates from petrochemicals, something that you do not want if you're after a green bed mattress. Of notice though; there are some eco-friendly mattress manufacturers that produce use of the mix of synthetic and normal latex.