Circumcise Or To Not Circumcise: what Does The Latest Research Tell Us?

Perhaps among the most important - and sometimes stress producing - questions new parents of baby boys must ask themselves is should we or shouldn't we now have our newborn circumcised?. . .

The Indian Journal of Urology. . For other parents the question remains and the controversy over the "should we/shouldn't we" has raged for ages and shows no signs of diminishing.

Visibility of the Urethral Meatus and Risk of Urinary Tract Infections in Uncircumcised Boys by Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky, Bethany J. Foster, Roman Jednak, Elise Mok, David McGillivray CMAJ cmaj. . But the number varies widely from country to country and among different ethnic and racial groups.

It is estimated that 20 percent of all men in the world are circumcised. .