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We order the necessary due diligence items like the appraisal and close the loan. 24 hour loan approval or decline. Small business loans are generally made by direct commercial lenders (easily located by internet searches) or by small local banks. As a result, the products we offer look identical to loans offered by banks, but with lower interest rates and better terms. Examples of uses include the ability to calculate new monthly payments, see if you’ll benefit by refinancing, and calculate how many savings you will have by prepaying your loan.  This means that the business borrower should have different expectations when applying for a loan against his commercial property than he would have for a loan secured by his or her primary residence. Larger loans are generally made by regional banks, and very large loans are made by mega-banks or Wall Street lenders. Magazine as the 49th fastest growing financial services firm in the country for 2008 There are two types of commercial mortgages for real estate: Owner occupied commercial mortgage – For this type of commercial mortgage, the owner of the property will have his/her business occupying at least 51% of the available space in the building. Many lenders also commission and review third-party reports such as an appraisal, environmental report, engineering report, and background checks. Want more intense commercial mortgage calculators? 

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A non recourse mortgage is secured only by the commercial property that serves as collateral. Documentation needed to apply for a commercial mortgage: You can apply on-line here by answering a few basic questions regarding your commercial mortgage request. We will gather any remaining documents we need. Our loans are fixed for up to 10 years and are amortized for 20 or 25 years; most of our products do not have balloons. And the best part is that this commercial mortgage portal - powered by C-Loans® - is free! Commercial loans carry either fixed or adjustable interest rates, and many charge penalties for prepayment. Since the financial crisis, lenders have started to focus on a new metric, debt yield, to complement the debt service coverage ratio. This saves you time and money. If you are an “A” quality borrower, you could therefore expect conventional commercial mortgage rates from commercial banks to be between 4.75% and 5.5%. In an event of default, the creditor can foreclose on the property, but has no further claim against the borrower for any remaining deficiency.