Are we sure about Forest products?

I am not a supporter of economic growth at the expense of the total destruction of the environment.

For many several years there has been a debate about setting palm oil  operations in Africa on an industrial scale and replacing tropical forest cover. 

These are trees that have taken many decades to reach this level and are vital in controlling climate change.

Tanzania wants to set up an Integrated Oil Palm Project in Ruvu Basin, along the coast. I like to hope that the government and investors have thought out all the angles to this project.

Several so-called experts have come out with reports on the negative effects developing oil palm industry will have on Africa.

This is after the ruin left in Southeast Asia, where forest cover has disappeared.

I realise that the financial rewards for growing this crop remain attractive. Palm oil is now the most widely consumed vegetable oil accounting for more than a third of the world’s production.

However, I always like to say that for the time being, there is only one Earth. Are we sure about palm oil?