Data Analytics & Visualization

Data Analytics & Visualization

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Data Analytics & Visualization


This course will provide foundation to understand big data and be part of data analytics projects. It will cover the lifecycle of big data analytics to address business needs leveraging big data. Basic and advanced analytic methods including technology and tools used will be introduced.
Foundation of Big Data Analytics

This module will provide necessary background to Big Data space with state of the practice in Analytics. Students will understand Role of Data Scientist and Big Data analytics as applicable to the Industry. This will also cover various stages of Data Analytics Lifecycle.
Data Analytics using R

This module will provide hands on approach to understand R, using R to view data and Analyze data. Statistical Model building and evaluation will be part of this module.
Advanced Analytics

This module will deal with theories and methods used for advanced analytics. Approaches to analysis including Clustering, Association Rules, Liner and Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Time Series will be covered.
Adobe and Map Reduced Technologies

Analytics for unstructured data – MapReduce and Hadoop will be covered. Gain skill using Hadoop Ecosystem for in-database analytics, SQL, Advanced SQL and MADlib for In-database Analytics.
Delivering Analytics Results

This module will provide knowledge to manage and deliver analytics projects, identifying and creating final deliverables. Data Visualization techniques and presentation of results to convince business will also be covered.


What is Big Data Analytics?

Big Data Analytics deal with Information aspects of data – which is voluminous, of multiple variety and which is getting generated aggressively. We can compare it to Arctic Ice. The data that is utilized in business systems is like the arctic ice that is seen is above the surface which is very small compared to what is below. Huge data that is getting generated around the world from conventional IT systems and from the digital world where business goes beyond the boundary and marries with social networks. Breaching social boundaries give birth to new data type - the data type becoming more of unstructured social chats to images in photos & videos to audios. This leads to yet another dimension of speed in which data getting generated in boundary less world. These data convey a meaning when the context is understood and provide an insight when analyzed. Big data analytics not only enable business to grow faster but also benefit consumers by providing the best choice at the lowest cost.e.
Who can get into Big Data?

Whether you are a Business Analyst or Data Base Administrator in Information Technology, whether you are a Statistician or Economist who can make sense of huge data you have great opportunity in Big Data Analytics. If you are project manager or a project lead, Big Data projects are awaiting you. If you are a developer, development in Big data provides better scope. If you are already in Information Technology providing solutions to customers by implementing products or supporting customer or a quality assurance professional with better sense of products and customers you should not miss big data opportunity. Architecting for Big data and Designing Big Data are skill areas requiring wider knowledge of tools and technologies with understanding of business.

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