Dear ela blog #22

G ano po ba ang plans ninyo sa life ko? im really currios for what gonna happen G. i try to be good and have more patient but G some people are over. that times that i cant handle my patient anymore.

how can i let this get in my life. G i know your the only one who can give me advice and clue?

G what im going to do ba. its really chalenging G that in moment na i cant breath. in other terms nasasakal sa chalenge because i dont know what to do na G help me plsss? talk to me G in a better way.


Sometimes i wonder na hows life ba going. every person ba have plan.or you will make your own destiny? kasama ba sa plans mo na mag suffer ako for a little bit. or not kasama ba ito para ma reache ko ung goals ko?

kung its all about that G i will accept it i promise. pero G kung isa un sa plans ninyo sa life ko?