Spanish school in Quetzaltenango

The history of Casa Xelaju is a built on learning coming from mistakes using visions of your better future regarding Guatemala as well as an international understanding of Guatemala’s political, social, and cultural situation. The Actual seeds in the university had been sown inside the midst a few regarding the worst years of the nation’s civil war within the 1980´s, with a occasion when tourists had been a rarity within the country.

The school’s founder Julio E. Batres moved to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala within 1974 for you to show up at his last year associated with higher school. Originally via Aldea Francisco Vela, a new small farming community of with regards to 2,000 folks situated outside the San Felipe municipality, he got straight into difficulty throughout his senior high Spanish school in Quetzaltenango school throughout Retalhuleu pertaining to participating in the teacher’s strike, one which your teachers lost. The Particular university administration noticed him like a trouble maker and also a variety of administrators advised him he could not graduate from the Institute. Seeking for you to pursue his schooling within the hopes to make your life with more opportunity, he finished up his senior substantial school education and learning in Quetzaltenango. after higher school, he enrolled in Universidad de San Carlos, studying Law for 4 years. Although studying in the university or college he quickly started to better understand the political scenario that offers been such a serious issue for Guatemala and begun to become much more politically active. He joined the actual Law Student Spanish school in Quetzaltenango Association (Asociacion de Estudiantes de Derecho) which was doing a great deal of function along with helping organize along with advise worker unions also as holding demonstrations and protests from the military and the war.

Start of your Dream

In 1979 he chose to transfer towards the United States. Initial of all, he lost his task and also figured that that features been the actual time as well as power to move. In terms of the future of Casa Xelaju, Julio hopes to get more stability for the school. He mentions that they get a lot of students in the summer, but Spanish school in Quetzaltenango that it is important for the teachers to have continuous work throughout the year. He said that he is expanding the Spanish program a bit, designing courses to pass specific Spanish tests (Praxis, Texas Oral Proficiency Test, OPI, Foreign Service Institute Test, etc.), Spanish for Lawyers, Spanish for Health Care workers, and Spanish Online classes. He also would like to reach the European countries, realizing that it might help stretch out the business so as to not just have a heavy load of students in the summer months. The conversation ended with him saying that he would also like to fund a school where he was born “to bring more education to the country and bring internet there. I truly believe that education is a tool to help liberate people from poverty.”However, his transfer had been additionally motivated through the fact that he didn’t really feel safe surviving in Guatemala. He “lost any large amount of friends, classmates, as well as professors who have got Spanish school in Quetzaltenango been killed from the Guatemalan army” and by means of his involvement with a team such since the Law Students Association he ended up being worried he might succumb to a comparable fate.