Doors and Windows For Every Style

When choosing doors and windows, you'll want products that protect your home and family from the elements. You'll also want high levels of security, reducing the risk of intruders entering your home. Although it's crucial to protect your home and family, you'll also want windows and doors that are aesthetically pleasing.


At Florida Door Shop, we provide many options for your door and window needs. With a wide range of high-quality materials, you can choose the products that fit your budget and style. Due to our experience, we bring you the best options, for the best possible price. We also offer custom work, for those that are looking for specific details.


If you're shopping for Best Residential Door Products, we offer anything from mahogany and oak wood; to aluminum sliding and French doors. Our windows help reduce noise, filter UV rays, and lower energy costs. With our hurricane impact-rated windows, you'll experience the highest level of protection. Once again, we offer a wide selection of styles, designs, and materials.


At Florida Door Shop, we also offer our customers beautiful entry door hardware. Your interior door hardware and exterior door hardware, can add the perfect finishing touches. With porcelain, brass, crystal, or bronze features; there's something for everyone. We will work with you, providing the best possible choice for you and your home. Please call us today for a free estimate.


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