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With her success, the FHM staffs clarifies that contrary to popular belief, Rivera was already being eyed by FHM even before her career skyrocketed because of Marimar. She is consistently at the upper top 10 after her proclamation as Philippines' finest girl, position #3 in 2009, #4 in 2010 and #2 losing to Sam Pinto, in 2011. In the year 2012, she entered the chart at #5, her lowest since topping the said list in 2008.

]Rivera became a cover for the very first time on FHM through its January 2013 issue, which made her one of the greatest rivals for the title, Sexiest Woman of the World for 2013. Rivera also graces the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine in exactly the same month. For the 3rd time, she http://pinaybook.blogspot.com/ became a cover of Women's Health in March 2013. According to her, she owes her fine body to her new found devotion to Muay Thai and Wushu, both are forms of Martial Arts. On 2013, Rivera was declared by FHM Philippines as "the sexiest woman in the Philippines" making her second to recover the coveted title five years after she first won it (the first was Angel Locsin, who bagged it in '05 and '10).According to FHM, more than 16 million votes were cast this year, and also the final tally saw Rivera raking in a total of 890,490 votes against Sam Pinto's 778,681. On 2013, Rivera became the image of popular brand, Ginebra San Miguel following her successful stint for the brand way back 2009.

In 2009, Rivera was listed as #5 in "Top 20 Celebrity Endorser"'s list of Manila Standard and #1 in QTV's "Ang Pinaka..." List of Endorsers. In 2010, she was listed at AREA's list of "Top 10 Most In-demand Celebrity Endorsers" at #3. Christine Marie Leido of AB Communications, Inc. stated, "In our choice, for instance, of Marian Rivera[...]she provided the thrills, fresh appearance and instant recognition the brand needed. The market comprehended the product and managed to connect to it because she embodied the values the brand stood for.".She further said, "... As might be anticipated, she inspired purchase because of her appeal across all classes and sex." In 2011, YES! Magazine ding dong dantes and marian rivera listed her on their "Top 20 Endorsers" list which was a result of cumulative gains of each celebrity on their endorsements alone. In the year 2012, Rivera ranked 2nd after losing to Angel Locsin on the "Top 20 Most Beautiful Celebs In The Philippines" published by The Richest.In 2012, Rivera charted at #9 on the "Top 10 International Beauties of 2012" published by TopTenz, the sole Asian who made it to the list. According to the web site, Rivera belongs to the important stars in the Philippines.

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