The Proof Is In The Pudding

Instant Payday Profits: The Proof Is In The Pudding

When I see the words Instant Payday Profits my first reaction is show me the proof. It is easy to say anything you want online, but it is harder to actually prove it!

When someone is willing to log into their PayPal account in real time and show you their account balances that does more for believing in the program then 1000 words typed will do.

Jeff Buchanan puts his money where his mouth is in terms of show and tell regarding the Instant PayDay Network. He shows his income promoting a free system that anyone like you and I can repeat if we are willing to follow what he teaches.

The report shows he has earned $12,559 for one month working part time on the Internet. Will you earn that much?

Probably not in your first month, but it does show you what the potential can be in the future. Jeff repeatedly reminds us that this is for a system that is completely 100% free.

This may make you wonder how anyone can make money with a "free system" so let's address that right now.

The Instant PayDay Network is a free system designed to promote CPA offers and other affiliate programs that cost something to join if you want to make money promoting them. One of those programs is Empower Network.

The system you get includes your own capture page and email follow up marketing messages. You will also get access to Internet marketing training which is necessary to know if you want to promote online.

CPA is short for cost per action and is a method of affiliate marketing where you get paid to get leads for an affiliate merchant, or to get your visitor to download something such as software.

Merchants pay affiliates to market online for them. This is cheaper for them to do them paying for expensive advertising on television, radio, magazines, and so on. Some CPA programs are 2-tier meaning the affiliate and referring affiliate both make money on the CPA offer.

One important point here is about the CPA offers. Many of these will require you to fill out your personal information including a credit card for a trial offer. If you do not cancel during the trial you will be billed. The trial offer for a free credit report is an example of this.

The other thing to know is you will be asked to join Empower Network and this is not free. However, it is one of the fastest growing affiliate programs in history and provides you the opportunity to earn anywhere from $25 a month to thousands per sale on big ticket Internet marketing products.

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