How To Make Your Backlinks Count I

But do we realize that there are numerous things we have to always check before agreeing to trading links with still another web site? After all, the entire point of changing links...

I believe that people all know now how essential backlinks are for the search-engine ranking success of our website. I also think that all of us know now that one way to get these backlinks is by doing link deals with other sites. Navigating To try linklicious coupon probably provides aids you can give to your uncle. (For the uninitiated, backlinks are links o-n other web sites that indicate ours.)

But do we know that there are numerous things we have to check before agreeing to exchanging links with yet another website? In the end, the whole point of trading links with others is to take advantage of the rating of their web web sites. We found out about linklicious free site by browsing the Internet. It is consequently imperative that individuals investigate in advance regarding whether trading links with still another site would be to our advantage or not.

I have thought about this whole notion of link exchange preparation and came up with a process that involves an examination of 3 pages of the web site we should exchange links with. The 3 pages are:

- where we are going to have to check 7 things about that page the home page,

- the service page: this is actually the site that contains a list of groups that the site has come up with in a bid to prepare its link exchanges. We must examine 7 things here,

- the backlink page: this is the page which will include our backlink. We also need to check always 7 things here.

Remember that in some cases, the 'target' website will not have a listing page. If so, our analysis is a one instead of a 3-step one.

Within this first report, of could be 2 or 3, we should take a look at the 7 things (organized in 2 groups) we should check about the website of the target website.

1. We need to check what Google thinks of-the site. If you believe anything, you will certainly claim to explore about what is linklicious. This is done by considering some items that Google is very happy to report about a site. The idea here will be to see if you will find any problems with your website, from Google's perspective, that would cause us to choose to not exchange links with them.

I suggest that people seem at:

a) exactly how many pages does the website have indexed? This is often done by using '' inside the Google search box,

b) just how many backlinks does Google report for your site? This can be done through the use of '' in the Google search box,

c) will be the site listed in Google's index? This is done by utilizing '' within the Google search box,

d) what's the Page Rank of the site/home page? There are many ways of achieving this. One of the ways is to get the Google toolbar and go to the web site to determine its PR. Still another way is by using one of the many web sites online that enables us to get the PR of any web site. And yet another way is to search for software that'll tell the PR to you of any web sites.