New way in-the press releases creating

New way in-the press releases creating

Greetings to every one who writes media and news releases. We'd like to give you the information you need - new releases documents structure ROFX.

We're sure this concept ROFX (or jokingly rofix) is something new you never heard of before. Therefore, when you yourself have a connection

to press or news releases writing develop this web site will help you very much. In case people need to learn new resources on 123Employee Releases New Information To Highlight Benefits Of Outsourcing Services, there are many on-line databases you can investigate. To compare more, please check out:

So what is ROFX? It's an acronym for Public Press Announcements Open Structure XML.

What's the purpose of ROFX? To produce press or news releases development comfortable and easy.

In fact, ROFX records are one area of the process intended to make releases publishing more progressive. What this means? ROFX - is definitely an XML based file format that really helps to manage release information - release content and author's information. Browse here at the link 123Employee Releases New Information To Highlight Benefits Of Outsourcing Services to learn the purpose of it. It organizes records, the ROFX process is a very comfortable helper to carry them as task. There's something for ROFX posting, control, API for releases discussing with those sites. 123 Employee Releases New Information To Highlight Benefits Of Outsourcing Services contains more about why to acknowledge this view. This API is understood in different languages, in order to utilize it in your web site motor designed with PHP, Perl or Python.

Still another important part of the ROFX system could be the ROFX Composer - a Win-dows desk-top ap-plication that's useful for ROFX releases files producing. This is simply not just ROFX documents editor - the program helps you to manage publisher's information and releases themselves. The program is achievable to get in the Downloads section. ROFX Composer really works, but there can be some bugs - we very much appreciate your entire bug reports. This helps us to improve this system.

All releases in ROFX structure are stored in ROFX groups - everyone may possibly surf through this web site and read the releases placed there.

We ask media and news releases as a comfortable and useful technology authors and website owners to distribute the ROFX format.

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