7 Best Paying Careers in Psychology - New York Jobs and Careers

There is a great deal of variety among the professions in the psychology field, and you also will find a great variety in the potential earnings. Today, as the economy continues to struggle, it is only natural that many psychology students will turn their attention to the higher-paying jobs in the field.

Some of the best-paying psychology careers are listed below. Keep in mind that how much you will earn will depend upon where you live, which sector you work in, your degree and how many years of experience you possess.

1. Psychiatrist: There is no doubt about it: Psychiatry is one of the best fields you can enter in psychology. Of course, to become a psychiatrist you need to earn your MD. How much you earn is going to depend somewhat upon where you graduate from and what your speciality is. You also will need to complete a four year residency to become a psychiatrist. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that the median salary in the field is $159,000.

2. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist: In this growing field, you will utilize your knowledge of psychology to deal with difficult workplace problems. Some of the most common areas you will work on include boosting the productivity of workers, finding the ideal employee for certain jobs, and coming up with good market research surveys. The very top earners in this speciality can easily earn $200,000 per year. The median salary is around $97,000.

3. Neuropsychologist: These professionals are specialists in detailed study of the brain and also cognitive science. You will spend your days trying to learn how different people learn. You also will do a great deal of cognitive testing, brain scans, assessments of people with severe brain injuries, and see how different drugs affect our nervous system. You may be able to do this work at a university, research center, hospital or a pharmaceutical lab. Median salary is $90,400.

4. Engineering Psychologist: Psychologists in this field improve system design, operations and equipment to provide higher levels of efficiency. They also work to enhance worker productivity and to reduce the chances of injury. Just as with any area of work in psychology, where you work will really determine how much money you make. You will normally find that engineering psychologists who work in the private sector usually earn a lot more than those who work at a university. Expect a salary in the area of $79,800 per year.

5. Clinical Psychologist: You will be trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses. This is the most popular area to work in in the field of psychology. You can work in many types of settings, such as hospitals, mental health clinics, and also private practices. You will find that how many years of experience you have will go a long way to determining your salary. A clinician who has five years of experience can expect to earn about $55,000, while a professional with 10 years or more of clinical experience can earn $100,000 per year.

6. Counseling Psychologist: You will perform many of the same tasks as a clinical psychologist. You will offer psychotherapy and various types of mental health treatment, but they often work with clients who do not have as severe types of mental illness. Some people in this job also decide to work in research, teach classes in college or even provide job counseling. The median salary is $72,300 per year.

7. Forensic Psychologist: You will deal with psychological issues related to law. You may develop a psychological profile of a criminal, deal with issues of child custody, look into allegations of child abuse, give expert testimony and prepare witnesses to provide testimony in court. Median salary is around $59,000.

Whatever your interests in the field of psychology, you are sure to find the area that interests you, as well as a good salary. For more information about doctorate of psychology degrees compare programs at PsydPrograms.org.