Discourage Mongering Juggernaut Sacked! Now What?

Discourage Mongering Juggernaut Sacked! Now What?

A solid Democratic start has left the 'Quarterback' limping poorly, and his 'Receivers' are spread all around the political playing field. My girlfriend discovered pastor lee mcfarland by browsing newspapers.

Throw-in Pastor Ted Haggard's Methamphetamine laced gay intercourse scandal, and not really a 'Saddam Finale' can rescue the Republicans.

Over the last three days the Republican approach is generally a choru...

The Chickens have home to roost, as we say. The corrupt Republican smear & scare mongering juggernaut has been sacked!

A solid Democratic assault has left the 'Quarterback' limping badly, and his 'Receivers' are scattered all over the political playing field.

Throw-in Pastor Ted Haggard's Methamphetamine laced gay sex scandal, and not a 'Saddam Finale' can rescue the Republicans.

During the last three weeks the Republican strategy is generally a chorus of worry mongering and the seeing of shameless, eager and Racist advertisements into our areas. Here goes:

- A win for the Dems is a win for terrorists!

- Nancy Pelosi can be an 'Extreme Liberal' from 'Gay San Francisco'!

- Oh my God! Charlie Rangel (a black Congressman) is likely to be working the Ways & Means Committee!

- your taxes will be raised by The Dems!

- 20 million 'dirty' immigrants have invaded us and are getting this place asunder!

Profane and blasphemous inflammations!

The American people aren't that stupid after all, they are tired of being handled like fools, and have issued a powerful rebuke for this arrogant and grossly incompetent Republican government.

Never in my entire life have I ever experienced a political machine so completely 'precisioned,' yet so dangerously flawed, but whilst the wise have said before -- 'a thief has forty days'!

The history of the Republican party within the last six years has similarities to the proverbial child who liked to cry 'Wolf'! pretending that he would be eaten by a hair. When people came running to help him, they found the boy laughing because he was not actually at risk. This happened several situations till people stopped believing him when he cried, 'Wolf'! Finally, the child was attacked with a real wolf and no-one stumbled on save him since they all believed he was just crying wolf.

The real hair in this situation will be the Democratic Party and the fed-up people are Americans( eliminating the best wing nuts).

Individuals have had enough of this charade and have clearly indicated they need change.

It's neither an overall total Democratic increase nor is it a revolution, but an obvious signal that the majority are fed up with being cajoled, hoodwinked and demeaned.

Having said the above, now what?

The primary problem at hand is Iraq -- It is very clear this ill-conceived and badly executed war is being badly managed and a looming conflict between George Bush and Congress is simmering. If you have an opinion about jewelry, you will possibly fancy to study about found it.