The 5 Best Graphic Novels That you've Never Read

Before Michael Bay's adaptation of the Transformers for the giant screen in 2007, the Transformers were perhaps best called action figures and cartoon characters. Not everybody knows far more about these characters than exactly what the movie gives them. And while it may be many years (or even decades) ahead of the audience gets to Marvel Future Fight Cheats start to see the Avengers and also the X-Men share the silver screen within the same film, there's a comic right now that combines the best of Earth's Mightiest Heroes using the Strangest Teens of All.

Where 'Marvels' focused on the early beginnings of the Marvel Universe, this story takes place many years into Marvel's dark future. Pym moves forward inside the hopes of assembling the Avengers for one last battle. This issue exhibits some of writer Simon Furman's best character development in all of his work on Transformer comics.

The Doctor Strange movie will more than likely happen after Avengers 2, but a lot of comic book fans are already anxious. Ultron-59 then issues an ultimatum to his creator, an aged Hank Pym (Goliath, Giant-Man), which he must assemble the remaining corps of original Avengers, including The Wasp, Hawkeye and Mockingbird, or he'll track down each of them individually and murder them. Of course although some of these future Marvel films will most likely be easily predictable successes, such because the upcoming Iron Man 2 and also the eventual Marvel Avengers movie (assuming it includes an appearance by Robert Downey Jr. Doctor Strange is called a sorcerer with great power.

There, "Man of Steel" director, Zack Snyder proudly announced the near future production of a "Batman v. Wade volunteered for a procedure that will give him healing powers like Logan's as they had cancer, and even though the cancer is in remission, the experiment left him deformed and insane. Wade volunteered to get a procedure that will give him healing powers like Logan's while he had cancer, and as the cancer is within remission, the experiment left him deformed and insane. A new generation of super-heroes have arrived at replace the original team of Avengers, though their membership status is relatively brief because the super-villain referred to as Ultron-59 deploys a nuclear bomb which destoys the "new" Avengers in addition to their headquarters.

Transformers #71: "Surrender!" - the afternoon we never thought we'd see arrives as Optimus Prime surrenders towards the Scorponok-led Decepticons. . Reilly, among others (check out the trailer below). The violence is on this book is often disturbing and quite graphic, but also for readers that are prepared to give the story a chance, it's an extremely rewarding and compelling read.

Strange uses his powers and several artifacts which are already given to him such because the Eye of Agamotto which increases his mystical abilities,