Around the single-panel LED display P10 P10 why not replace dual panel

Together with the LED show business intensified cost competitors, some makers so that you can make sure the company's sales and income, decide to reduce material costs, resulting in item excellent continues to decline. Buyers inside the absence of a comprehensive knowledge of LED show technologies, only to judge in the appearance and quality of display brightness, but I usually do not know the impact aspect of stability also as the current display, driver chip, IC temperature, lamp light fades, PCB plates, and so on., in particular PCB board, its high-quality will to a large extent figure out the usage of effects and life LED display(agapeled).


Presently, the market place when the circulation of the two types from the LED show PCB material: single-sided and double-sided. All along, the two-panel LED show market is definitely the mainstream of PCB material, a large number of confirmed, double-sided simply because of its superior functionality to totally meet the needs on the LED display around the PCB board can give a fantastic top quality assurance for the LED display project ; nonetheless, appeared out there lately the usage of single-sided PCB board to generate LED display phenomenon, although price savings for manufacturers to bring greater earnings within the quick term, but within the lengthy run, this method will not be desirable and why? Early inside the LED display(EN12966) development, business insiders have known LED single panel disadvantage, a PCB board to become equipped having a huge line, elements, if it truly is purely using single-sided circuit style, you are able to only choose Save Tiny PCB line width, a big number of routing, integrated chips, how the results of its presentation? Here we are going to focus on the analysis in the merits with the P10 and P10 single-sided double-sided by 4 significant regions at.


1st, P10 single panel with an integrated chip instead of the double-sided 595 IC and line Sweep 4953 IC, despite the savings in terms of cost, but the chip's integrated heat unimaginable, uncomplicated to burn the chip, burning plate. Conversely, P10 double-sided, using the standard driver IC and power lines sweep IC (4953), a sizable current path dispersion, heat dispersion, so a lower temperature, reducing chip burn phenomenon occurs.


Second, P10-sided alignment, person regional space is small, the line can do about 5mil (0.127mm). If the full light for also long, prolonged high current, easily lead to 5mil thin at higher temperature, quick to peel off the substrate using the CCL, carbonation, resulting in open circuit, quick circuit, and in some cases burned.


Third, P10 single-panel LED pin on a single side only tin, below long-term conditions could effortlessly cause thermal expansion and contraction Weld, reliability is quite low, resulting in dysfunction. Conversely, P10 double-sided, tin lead vias, heat, robust anti-cold capacity, viscous, LED pin solder joint reliability.


Fourth, P10 single panel made from wood pulp or cotton pulp fiber paper created of composite substrate CCL, beneath circumstances of use in harsh environments, prone to split into destruction circuit functionality. Conversely, P10 dual-panel glass fiber cloth, great toughness, low water absorption, covered with strong guarantee solution functionality.


Comparative analysis of your above groups, P10 single panel actually severe flaws hidden, effortless to utilize from time for you to time in subsequent outbreaks, causing incalculable accident, and the recent single panel P10 many adverse reactions inside the industry, and additional confirms the P10 Single-panel LED show market applications has to be unstable, short-lived, P10 dual panel is constant with all the security from the LED display market development needs on the election.


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