What are advantages of Consinee Dyeing and Finishing technology?

Dyeing and Finishing technology always means a lot for a large textile factory. It is worth mentioning that Consinee just has Excellent Reactive Dyeing and Finishing technology that do makes a big difference forConsinee yarn production and quantity of sale. So how about the advantages of Consinee dyeing technology?

Firstly, Advanced Computer color matching instrument

Most advanced Computer color matching instrument imported from Italy. This kind of instrument is most well-known and rare in the world. The Maximum resolution of color can reach 800 degrees that makes even no mistake.

Secondly, The use of Superior quality Eco-friendly dyes

The whole dyeing and finishing process is Eco-friendly, including the dyes that Consinee choose and use. Natural process with high end environmental protection dyes imported from Germany, absolutely no harm to our human body.

Thirdly, Most skillful Color proofing employees

Consinee has more than 10 professional and skillful Color proofing employees, and the office daily proofing can reach 25--30 colors that can meet lots of customer’s color demand.