In our short time with the device so far, we’ve been really impressed with the R7’s AMOLED display

Oppo R7 hands-on and first impressions


Chinese mobile device manufacturer oppo has certainly made a name for itself over the past year or so, especially with the N3, Find 7 and R5 smartphones. The R5 particularly grabbed a fair deal of attention last year for its extremely-thin chassis and narrow bezels. We’re now getting a glimpse into the company’s future, as we go hands-on with!


To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, today Oppo announced two new handsets – the R7 and R7 Plus. We already gave you some hands-on coverage on and now it is time to take a look at smaller R7. Although the device isn’t as small as its predecessor, can the affordable price point offer up a good value to consumers? Let’s try to find out in our initial hands-on and first impressions of the Oppo R7!

OPPO R7 Hands on-15

If we didn’t tell you this was a budget device, odds are you wouldn’t make that assumption at first glance. The device features an all-metal frame that sticks out slightly from the front and back panels, which also feature a slight curve. A 2.5D glass panel can be found up front covering the 5.0-inch 1080p display. Subtle curves can be found on the front and back panels, which is referred to by Oppo as the ‘violin arc’, due to the simplicity and elegance normally found in well-crafted violins.

OPPO R7 Hands on-76

The bezels are small, but still noticeable. However, thanks to the handset’s 5.0-inch display, you shouldn’t have a problem handling the phone at all. It does have a little bit of heft at 147g, but the device feels great in-hand, overall. While the handset measures slightly thicker than its predecessor at 6.3mm thick, that’s still very thin for a smartphone.

OPPO R7 Hands on-69

The buttons can be found in their normal places – power key on the left and volume rocker on the right. Moving to the bottom, the R7 features capacitive buttons, unlike the R7 Plus, which features on-screen keys. Around back we see a 13MP camera module on the top-left and the Oppo logo placed slightly below that in the center.

OPPO R7 Hands on-1

In our short time with the device so far, we’ve been really impressed with the R7’s AMOLED display. With a resolution of 1080p and a pixel density of 449, the 5.0-inch display will suffice for anyone looking for a solid smartphone display.

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