Blossom at dawn, wither at dusk.

Blossom at dawn, wither at dusk.

The flower has a short but beautiful life. The name means the flower blossom in the morning, and wither or be taken by in the evening. This is a collection of essays written by Luxun, a famous and influential writer in China. He memoried at an old age in this book his stories when he was in his young age, middle-aged, as if he was picking up the flowers had blossomed when he was younger. The vivid and detailed record of the Lu Xun's life from childhood to youth makes it interesting for both the children and the adults to read.
The four Chinese characters of the title has a lot of meanings and connotations. It will be a little difficult to understand if you do not know any Chinese, but as you learn more Chinese language and culture, you will find it more interesting.

Are you amazed by the meaningfulness of Chinese? I myself have learned Chinese online ( ) for three years. I like it so much. I am not an expert, but with the help of my professional Chinese teacher, I have made great progress. If you also have interest in learning Mandarin, perhaps we can learn together.