Dear ela blog #23

G.why do i feel like somethings kahapon im always looking at him.what the purpose G? i cant understant whats the mening give me a clue G why do i feel like that?

G wala namang something diba pero ano ung wondering G why he talk to me about sa nilalamig he realy care about me? is he?. but why he didint give me something para hindi ako lamigin. is he the mystery are you talking about.

you know G i thought it was E because i felt that way din kay E. but whats is the truth ba give me a clue G?

i promise hindi ako magmamadali.


i just want to know if its E or the other guy kahapon ang mystery guy ko na matagal ko ng tinatanong sayo G plss.

help me find who realy are the mystery guy?