MONEY IS NOT THE KEY WITHOUTH GOD

what drives you in life?  what makes you wake up each morning to go to work its all about the money thats all it is about. Celebritites mostly musicians say that they came up from hood to were they are just to get the muller for example Young Thug says in ABOUT the MONEY ..."I WENT FROM RAGS TO RICHES..." Meaning the strugle you put out for yourself can and will take you far it all depens on what you are capable of doing because You know very well who you are, dont  let them hold u down reach, for the stars coz you have a gaol who will give yourself good and many to be come sucessful. And if all is well never 4get the one we call love ....REmember that God is the ony one who attends all ur events no matter what his always there...Say thank you every day to him 

                       GOD is LOVE

                         Let us love one another for love is from God, And whoever

                         lover has been born of  God and knows God...'' 1st  john 47 

                                                                                                                                                                                          by pheroz maina