Churches In Istanbul

After Christianity was solidified as a religion in light of the life and sacred mission of Jesus, the idea of "chapel" likewise showed up. The term gets from the Greek word eklesis which means social affair, meeting. After the Roman Empire was isolated into East and West in the fourth century, it likewise served to spread Christianity as it were. The idea of "chapel" arrived at Istanbul in that century.

The primary temples known to have been inherent Istanbul are Havariun Church, Hagia Sophia (St. Sophia) and Hagia Irini (St. Irene). Amid the Byzantine period, the sovereign was likewise leader of the congregation. After the break with the Roman Catholic Church in 1054, there developed three diverse conviction frameworks inside the Eastern church: The Nestorian church, which today has just about 170,000 individuals in Syria, Iraq and Iran; the Monophysite Church from which sprung the Coptic, Suriani and Armenian places of worship; and the Orthodox Church headed by the Patriarch in Constantinople.