Born on 18 May 1997 in the small city of Antwerp (Belgium) as a British citizen of Indian origin to parents, Dimple and Rajiv Mehta. Raveena is an elder sister to sister Kareena and brother Rajveer. As a child, Raveena showed fascinating interest in music and arts. She developed artistic skills at an early age and grew fond of music and instruments.

At the age of 5 years, her exposure to music was formalized through her school and by piano lessons. Her initial performances were made at school and community talent shows. Later, she started formal dance and singing lessons through coach Suchita Parte, whose recording "Designer Bliss" is one of the best selling Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse - Raveena Indian albums of all time.

Through encouragement from her family and uncle Vishal, she started recording her first album "From Deep Within" at Earth Studios in Mumbai (India). Tushar Parte, husband and composer of Suchita’s successful release, was in charge of the compositions. The result was a wonderful collection of songs full of love, hope and happiness, masterfully combining the deepest, most beautiful melodies, all of which will soon be in your hands. Raveena’s debut album, recorded when she was 12, not only contains one of the most rocking tunes you’ve ever heard; it’s also a mélange of extremely powerful and emotional songs from a variety of genre.


Raveena has been performing in weddings since the age of 4 and still continues. She performs in school concerts, "Embracing India" when 26/11 took place, birthday partys, any and all occasions, in choir concerts in Indonesia, Oman, Dubai from AMI.

Her 1st album "From Deep Within" was released on 19th of Feb 2010.

Raveena recorded most of this album´s songs when she was 11 years old and 2-3 when she was 12.

She has many music videos from the 1st album:"Mr. Dj" was the 1st video she recorded at the age of 12 in barcelona (Spain), shown on VH1, CC TV, and many others followed by: "Destiny" and "Gayatri mantra" shown on B4Umusic / "Flashbacks" / "Falling for you" (Spain).

The album launch took place in Mumbai-India, where she performed live with 900 viewers. The director of the event was from Spain with his crew. You can see the live performances on her youtube channel. She performed on songs: "Ready to achieve" / "Congratulations" / "Destiny" / "Zarre Zarre"

In between this period she has sung a lot of cover songs. Check in the COVERS section: "Loving you" / "Titanic" / "I will always love you" / "How do I" / "It´s all coming back to me" / "Alone"

Then she released a single in the end of 2010, an indian wedding duet called "Mehendiwale Haath" with a pro video which was on all channels in India. At the age of 13 she sang "Bossy" and "Dream". "Bossy" video was shoot when she was 14.

Six new songs are waiting to be released from 2013 on: "Vanish", "I am doing me", "Happy ending", "Hard to say good bye", "In his shoes" and "For the moment" which we recorded when she was 14 years old in London. Also an indian Shayari she sang when she was 14 years old.

- See more at: http://raveenamusic.com/2013/04/01/bio/#sthash.aFyfIOgx.dpuf