Characteristics of IGBT FZ1600R12KE3 - One of the Best Infineon Semiconductor Products

What are you waiting for? Visit now and get your own FZ1600R12KE3. With this IGBT transistor module, your solar panel will go beyond the ordinary.


FZ1600R12KE3 is a perfect IGBT transistor module to make your solar panel achieve optimum performance for an extended period of time. With the power to generate up to 1200V or 1600A, this IGBT transistor module from Infineon guarantees high efficiency to solar panels.


FZ1600R12KE3 promises three advantages which are beneficial to solar panels:


·         Robust module construction to withstand the potential problems of solar panels

·         High level of efficiency to generate more than enough power and maintain the best performance, and…

·         High reliability to stay powerful even after three to five years


FZ1600R12KE3 is also a perfect IGBT transistor module to other applications like wind turbines, motor drives and UPS. It’s also recommended for standardized housing.


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