Let’s know completely about MLC 2006

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) is established in the year 2006 and considered as an international maritime law and embodies 4th pillar. In 2006 International Labour Conference, MLC 2006 compliance has been adopted fully by government, workers representatives and employer. It aims uniquely in the seafarers decent work and protected economic interests throughout fair competition for class ship owners. It almost covers the every aspect of seafarers’ life and work on board which includes:

  • Seafarers’ agreements of employment
  • Minimum age
  • Work or rest hours  
  • Wages payment
  • Paid annual leave
  • Medical care on board
  • End or contract repatriation
  • Use of placement services and licensed private recruitment
  • Food, accommodation and catering
  • Handling of seafarers’ complaint
  • Accident prevention as well as health & safety management system

The MLC 2006 compliance was designed easy to understand, applicable globally, uniformly enforced and readily updatable. Under this compliance every seafarer has right to: fair employment terms, secure and safe workplace with safety standards, on board ship decent living and working conditions, gets social protection forms such as medical care, health protection and welfare measures. The health protection and welfare measures consists of medical care on ashore and board ship, ship owners’ liability, health & safety management system, social security and access to facilities of shore-based welfare.

To whom MLC 2006 covered?

All Board ships working seafarer that holds the flag of countries on their ships have covered by MLC 2006. Seafarers’ is defined by the MLC 2006 as “all persons who are engaged or employed in Board a Ship capacity where this compliance applies.” It just not includes only the crew involving in the ship operating and navigating but applies also for every worker such as person providing service in hotels to the passengers on the ships. It applies for all ships operating like domestic, national or international voyages. Except ships exclusively navigating in inland water or within water or port regulations applying areas or sheltered waters closely adjacent, MLC 2006 covers all ships. It covers privately or publicly owned ships which are engaged ordinarily in commercial activities except: naval auxiliaries or warships; ships occupied in fishing and its similar pursuits; traditional build ships such as junks and dhows.