What you need to know about verandas

If you live in the area where there are a lot of houses (a bit detached of city center’s usually), as they are not installed on buildings as often, you might find that verandas are very popular way of decorating the gardens, backyards, sidewalks and other outdoor spaces. But they are much more than just decorations as they are extremely useful as well, people tend to use them to provide various types of coverage from both sun as well as rain, they add them as a carpool covering, sunroofs, as a standalone objects in the garden or a way to cover their garden seating area.

They have originated in Portugal from the Portuguese word varanda that was later used in the English language and became a veranda or verandah as some people refer to them. The concept is very similar they are attached to the exterior wall of the building and some models will also have an added railing. Of course, we have already mentioned that there are a few standalone variations so they will not be dependent or attached to anything as they have their own main standing structure.

There are several very popular styles of verandas that you might be seeing more often. The most wide spread by far is the flat model. It’s very versatile as you can use it to cover just about any space you might think off, they are quite sturdy and are not extremely expensive. The curved model on the other hand is very elegant looking but a bit more pricy than the flat one. Some people also combine the two of them into one lengthy structure if they are looking to cover a longer area or are looking to add finishing to the flat model one. As mentioned there are also the stand alone verandas that are called pergolas. You can also see the high pitched structure called gable but that is more sophisticated version that serves best as the covering for a seating area or a table. For people who are not looking for total shade a sunroof or gazebo verandas are a very popular choice!

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