Letter to my dear Motswana Child.

My Dear Motswana Child

Today at midnight I roused from my deep sleep with a sore heart.

Why do you stifle your ability so much?

Why do you fail to realise the vast potential you possess?

What is it with your insatiable appetite for spoonfeeding?

I listen to your weeping everyday.You told me that you cant find a job.You cannot afford to go back to school.

It seems you just cannot afford everything.

Why do you allow yourself to go hungry in the land of your mother.

The very land that has nourished you to the incredible person that you are today?

Listen to me my dear Motswana child, life has no written formula.It has no compass.It is not a map that will definitely take you to your destination if you follow it .Listen to the truth that I am about to tell you.Life is a puzzle.It is a jumbled up mixture of pieces. The reason you are so unhappy is because you fail to understand this simple fact.

Understand that a university education will not guarantee you a job in a top notch office. Bitter pill to swallow but a fact nonetheless. Times have changed. It is time for you to get innovative.Apply your mind to what you have learnt in school.Go out there and make a life for yourself.

Rise up and soar like the eagle that you are.Forget that little voice at the back of your mind that is telling you its impossible.We are not a very innovative nation.Be the one of the first to change that.

And if it does not go well at first, remember, lemons make lemonade.There are so many channels you can dig out of life.Lose the self entitlement mentality.Take a look at our neighbour brothers and sisters. They have done away with that mentality. How many of them go to bed hungry?

While you sit at home complaining and waiting for the government to hand you a job,they are out there, rain or sun, digging their channels.The jobs you look down upon feed them whilst the pangs of your hunger expand everyday.

My dear Motswana child, there is so much I would love to say, but time will not let me.

You are responsible for your life.Take charge of your destiny.Fight to realise your dreams.Explore your mind, you will be suprised by what you discover.Do not be afraid of failure.It is part of this puzzle we call life.

I hope you have listened and not merely heard.Take control of your life.

I pray for you every day.

From Me, with love.