IHI Enviro Corporation Tokyo Japan - Message from the President

IHI was established in 1853, when modern Japan was dawning. The activities of the IHI Group has always kept ahead of the times, providing society many products, including firsts for Japan, firsts for the world, or the largest in the world.

In this memorial year marking our 160th anniversary, we have implemented a new medium-term management plan, "Group Management Policies 2013." This management plan has centered on the theme of "realizing growth," based on management and financial foundation strengthened through "Group Management Policies 2010."

We will emphasize and enhance the three links (in Japanese "Tsunagu"); the link among existing businesses and between existing businesses and peripheral businesses; the link between products and services with information and communication technology (ICT); and the link of global markets with the IHI Group. By realizing these three "tsunagu" through our unique manufacturing technologies, we will be able to create more value for our customers and realize growth of the IHI Group.

Our corporate message of "Realize your dreams," incorporates a crystallization of the strengths of our manufacturing technologies, the desire to realize the dreams and goals of people around the world, and the determination to accomplish our responsibility as a corporation.

Based on our management philosophy of "contribute to the development of society through technology," we shall continue to pursue world-leading technology fitting to our group and manufacturing technologies which aim to improve daily productivity.

We would like to ask for your kind support and cooperation.

President and CEO

Tamotsu Saito