Eye Health: The Importance of Eyesight

When the hole was repaired, they put a gas bubble in her eye, which is used in retinal surgeries to hold the retina in place during the healing process and eventually shrinks and goes away on its own after anywhere from one to eight weeks. She was supposed to keep her head lowered 6-8 hours a day for approximately two weeks to keep the pressure down in her eye and help it heal. The gas bubble was very disorienting, causing blurred vision and in my mum's case, a feeling of claustrophobia It finally disappeared almost eight weeks after the surgery.

Although the surgery was a success in the sense that the hole was repaired, my mum never regained complete vision in her left eye. Her vision is permanently blurred, she has night blindness, and her depth perception is off. Because of this, she had to stop driving, and she can't do anything that will strain her right eye too much.

Certain eye problems, including a hole in the retina like my mum experienced, aren't preventable. However, there are many preventative measures you can take to protect your eyesight and ensure good eye health. Detached retinas, which are usually repaired by lasik eye surgery can be detected with regular eye exams, and early treatment can prevent the progression and detachment of the retina.