How to maintain hotel furniture?

Everyday different groups of people check in a hotel, therefore, the maintenance of a hotel is of great importance in order to reduce secondary consumer. Today, hotel furniture supplier china would like to provide some tips for hotel owners.


The furniture industry is a popular field in any era that companies want to engage in. As people become increasingly concerned about the spiritual life, which can be presented in the selection of furniture. The aesthetic requirements of furniture are confined with harsh terms. And furniture for hotel suite pays more attention to the quality and appearance as a whole. If you can learn well on how to maintain hotel furniture, it will save quite a bit on maintenance costs. The best hotel furniture online that contains a lot of leather products, so let us firstly get to leather sofa. The stains could be wiped with egg white. Put it simply, you can use a clean cloth dampened with egg white so as to remove the stains, which can also make leather sofa bright as ever. The way of cleaning the wooden furniture is with milk. Take a clean cloth and dip it in the expired milk, and then use the cloth to wipe tables, cabinets and other wooden furniture. The decontamination effect is very good. Finally, wipe the furniture with clean water. If there is dust in painted furniture, the easiest way to clean up is to use a cloth wrapped with tea.


Carefully selected furniture can be described as valuable. The maintenance is a theme that lasts in the industry forever. If you have already mater these above techniques, you will benefit al lot from it. As a reliable guest room furniture wholesale in china, our company is willing to help you out.