Massive stage automobile buy really should spend interest to what led screen

Emergence of substantial automobile led screen, marketing for the stage supplies a versatile strategy to powerful liquidity. Increasingly more firms are picking stage automobile advertising screen(led traffic signs), then the massive stage led screen rental auto to buy must pay consideration to what matters?


Stage automobile ordinarily equipped with an engine-driven screens, sound, etc., but the engine must be vibration, noise isn't as well big, to avoid the influence of broadcast marketing. Basic household diesel generator power system instability, could conveniently lead to card screen or off, the car should shock random stage generator.


At the moment led screen multi-stage automobile is full-color and monochrome seldom used. For the reason that the full-color screen more visible and intuitive, visual effects bring greater advertising. Stage marketing autos presently applied P10 outdoor full color, distinctive varieties of screen excellent and also the value difference is extremely massive, fairly cheap 4,000 dollars a square, there are actually more than 12,000 yuan up to a square, having a substantial stage car or truck LED screen(EN12966) 15 squared count, in other configurations the exact same circumstance, only the price can differ around the screen for about a single hundred thousand.


So inside the acquire, the massive stage automobile led screen need to spend attention to what matters it?


1. Consider High-quality


The significant display manufacturer and led general strength associated, such as brand, solution quality, service and so on. This could be understood via the internet or industry credibility, Lian Cheng led show as well-known makers, has been in 11 years, to create the sector thousands of situations, is usually a national high-tech enterprises.


two. Look at use


Currently, Cheng created a brand new generation of automotive LED marketing screens currently on the industry, the model contains P6, P8, P10, P12 and so on. And can be customized based on the certain needs of buyers. Right here it must be noted that if the automobile is mainly made use of for marketing arena merchandise sales, then pick a side expansion 18 square meters do adequate. If the wedding show car, you could decide on 24 meters on each sides of expansion could be. Should you want large-scale performances, will have to decide on 60-80 square meter stage automobile.


3. Take into account Spending budget


Then we should really price range based on the buyer, and are intended for the user adequate volume of stage performances, like with optional LED complete color LED stage automobile, that is definitely, to just just be stage star or erection, can directly select the economical stage automobile .


4. The cultural background choice


Now each the public service arena advertising or commercial use from the car or truck to the regional cultural backgrounds really should be closely linked to the consideration stage automobile configuration, as a way to get much more assistance.


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