Survivors of Umrah Bus Accident

On Saturday sad news came that a bus with 60 people who are going to perform Umrah was crashed and overturned on the Ghuweifat motorway from Mecca to Abu Dhabi.

People were taken to hospital and after medical aid and government help they were finally allowed to talk to the media. Most of them are discharged, but critical patients are being treated in Mafraq and Madinat Zayed hospitals. They are about 15 people informed Mr. Firoz, who is working in a Dubai hospital.

Among survivors are Ashraf Khanza and his family. he fell asleep during the journey and woke up in the hospital. He also spoke to the media:

“I was asleep when it happened and opened my eyes in the hospital; It was shocking when I found myself there.

But all thanks to Allah that my family is safe and had only minor injuries.”

His family includes his wife and three children.

Among the deceased are The bus driver Abdul Latheef, 30, and passengers Kallarakkal Aboobacker, 46, and Kallarakkal Moulvi, 31. They all belonged to Kerala. Apart from them six people included a toddler were seriously injured.

The toddler is named simsarul haq . He is admitted at Abu Dhabi's Mafraq hospital. His parents are also admitted there, and he has nine other siblings.

 “I lost friends, and their family is traumatized. This is a very sad and tragic incident, as most of these people belong to my state, Kerala. About 28 of the 60 belonged to my village.

This is very saddening for us because they were coming after performing the holy Umrah in Mecca.” said another survivor from the bus.

Another report came from Mr.  Khanza, who is a community representative and social worker. He commented that six people were seriously injured.

Though the correct reason of accidents are unknown. The police report stated that the negligence of the driver, exhaustion, and a tire burst which caused the bus to move into a sewer are the reasons.

Another bus driver Mr. Khanza commented that the bus driver Latif lost the control of the bus . As a result it hit the poll on the side of the motor way and then got overturned. It is to remind that, these passengers were going home after completing their pilgrimage.