Find Out About A Couple Of Significant Aspects Regarding The Golden Retriever

Indisputably, the Golden Retriever is a very popular dog. They can retrieve a shot game in a harmless way, which is a strange ability for a dog, no wonder they are called retriever. This water-loving dog breed is easy to train, and they are quite obedient as well. They are highly intellectual and this is the reason they are usually part of search and rescue missions as well as in assisting handicapped individuals. There are essential things that you have to know regarding this dog breed, hence continue reading.

There are various regional variations of Golden Retriever that is why they may differ slightly in some attributes. But as far as characteristics are concerned, they are directly similar. The typical color of their coat is rich golden and cream. The breed has thicker inner coat, providing them additional warmth during cold temperature or when they are outside. Their outer coat however, is water resistant, allowing them to play in the water. Golden Retriever is known for its broad head, relatively short couple of ears, and a muzzle that has a well-defined stop. Normally, they have dark brown colored eyes.

Retrievers are clever and go well with kids because they behave properly. They do not show distressing behaviors when they are surrounded with people and other dog breeds. Their master must display leadership so that they will be pleased. As a matter of fact, ill-behaviors can be prevented to develop as long as you are a leader who is firm, calm and positive. Physical and mental exercises should also be provided to the Golden Retriever regularly. If they are held indoors without physical exercises, they are prone to become destructive. Golden Retriever seldom attacks strangers because they are good-natured, but they can be good watch dogs since they can bark loudly.

These dogs need less maintenance in proper grooming even though they shed greatly. What caregivers should do is to give them a bath if needed or two times a month. Regular dry shampoo will do wonders on their coat. One is recommended to make use of firm bristle brush in combing their coat. They have a thick undercoat that’s why the area must be combed and brushed thoroughly. Bald patches are indicators that they are not feeling good.

Golden Retrievers have to dwell in a place where there is open area where they can perform their exercises. This dog likes to wander around the place, and for them to kept secured, you should have a fenced lawn. If it so happen that you're living in an apartment, then there is no problem with owning a Golden Retriever as long as you can give them frequent exercise.

Owning this breed of dog is perfect for those who have active lifestyle. You can bring along with you your Golden Retriever when you are outdoors doing exercises like jogging, running and brisk walking. This breed of dog is susceptible to skin allergies that’s why routine check-up to their The Absolute Golden Retriever Guide veterinarian is critical. Additionally, you should not over feed them because their weight boosts quickly.