Knowing Bright Benefits of Man Made Stone In Home Decoration

Man made composite engineered stone is manufactured through natural stone processing, smashing, strengthening to group under the high temperature and high pressure condition. Man made stone often is composed of over 90% stone volume, which is one kind of environmental material. It is introduced by stone manufacturers that the man made composite engineered stone on the Beijing market is mainly the imported products and joint venture products, with a normal price at RMB300-500 each square meters.

Man made stone now is widely used in many home decorations, for it has numbers of bright benefits as following:

  1. Variety of colors for choice.

Similar to the natural stone, man made stone also is wide in color, man made composite stone not only has the color and texture of natural stone, but also it can be divided into different series because the stone smashing extent is various and the collocation of color is also changeable. There are pure series, pure color series, colorful stone series, diamond series, and quartz stone series, and each series will have lots of colors for your option. When purchasing, you can choose the man made stone of proper texture and color, fitting different styles of home colors and decoration levels.

  1. No color disparity, lighter than the engineered stone

Compared with natural stone, man made stone is lack of the natural texture and skin, but it also have its benefits. There is no difference in color and texture in the same man made stone, it is no worry for the whole flooring effect. Moreover, man made stone has no pore, so the dirt and oil have no access to it. Strong dirt-resistant and easy to clean. Man made stone mainly consists of stone powder, thinner than the natural stone. Convenient to carry when home improvement.

  1. Can be spliced into several patterns

During flooring, man made stone can be laid in traditional ways, also it can be cut into various types to splice into several patterns, with different colors’ collocation, you will get the surprising effect. With a pure white as basic color and colorful stone laying in the center, it will bring you a creative and wonderful sense. Especially it can be cut into different types.

Meanwhile, laying down the man made stone is simple, the back of the man made composite stone is easy to stick, and the finished wall and floor is reliable.

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