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Eupec Infineon FZ800R12KS4 is a perfect IGBT transistor module for your UPS. If you really too much on your UPS, it’s best to strengthen with a first class semiconductor which can heighten its power supply. Thus, equip it with FZ800R12KS4.


FZ800R12KS4 is one of Infineon’s most powerful IGBT transistor modules which can generate power up to 1200V or 800A. With its high switching capability, your UPS can surely achieve optimum electric performance.


FZ800R12KS4 has powerful features, making it one of the best IGBT transistor modules today. It has enlarged diode and ALSiC base plate, to enhance your UPS’ efficiency. With high quality and durability, it guarantees cutting edge conversion efficiency and power density to your UPS.


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