Is there such a fiber as anti-microbial?

Nowadays there are various of fibers which are called as anti-microbial, so China fiber supplier announces that some textile products made by them have such function, but the ways of distinguish the real one are difficult for consumers.


In fact, what I am going to talk is about the bamboo fiber which has the natural protective function, let alone anti-microbial. The density of the bamboo fiber make it feel soft, toughness, we all know that textile products made by this fiber has strong wear resistance and a unique elasticity. What we can see in the textile industry is that a variety of functional fiber products emerge on the market. Generally speaking, functions like anti-mite, odor, pest control and the production of negative ions. For consumers, they should have a better understanding on the raw materials of the products that they have bought.


The reason for calling bamboo fiber as a green fiber, because it can effectively block ultraviolet radiation on the human body. It is not difficult to find out the anti-microbial fiber products on the market, but what troubles you are how to distinguish the similar products and how to ensure its quality. I heard that high quality cool jade fiber also has the same function, which is regarded ad environmental friendly fiber.